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About: The Dreamer

I am Janice Parker. I have been creating since a very young age. In 4th grade I had a wonderful art teacher. One of our projects was painting on rocks with inks and acrylics. I was hooked and inspired.

I started creating clothing in college, mostly taking garments apart and then creating new ones to wear. After college I began doing soft sculpture. At 23 years I moved to Evanston Illinois where I was able to get a show in a gallery.

In the 30 years since that show I have had 2 galleries where I have made and sold my own clothing and Jewelry and that of other talented artists and friends.

I have been blessed to have 3 mentors in my life that taught me different aspects of metal fabrication. They inspired me to find my own niche. I use nature, recycled parts and new mediums to create my work.

My true inspiration is for wearable art. That is what you will find inside my online gallery. I am offering my own work and that of gifted artists and friends.

I hope you enjoy these pages. It has given my spirit great joy in the creation of these pieces.

In love and light,

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